• MPG Pendant Hand-Wheel Pulse Generator

    MPG Pendant Hand-Wheel Pulse Generator

    Manual pulse generators (MPG pendant) are widely used in CNC lathe for position detection. The hand-wheel pulse generator rotates to generate a pulse signal and sends it to the controller, and the controller controls the moving distance of the device according to the pulse data. The MPG pendant is equipped with a handwheel unit and is available with shaft selection, override, reset and emergency stop switches to meet different customer needs.

  • Hand Held Jog Pendants Control Pendant

    Hand Held Jog Pendants Control Pendant

    ROUNDSS hand held jog pendants provide the emergency stop switch and enable switch optional.Standard 3 meter spiral cables get through 500,000-1000,000 times stretching test. Different types of hand held jog pendants offer you the best choice.

  • MPG Handwheel Pendant

    MPG Handwheel Pendant

    6 axis jog MPG is suitable for position control of machine devices. The max axis no could be 11 axis. The handwheel pendant is compatible with many control systems: Fanuc, Hanuc, GSK, NUM, STNTEC, KND, HNC, GREAT, WASHING, LNC, DASEN, SKY, SIEMENS, SELCA and so on. Customers could select suitable voltage and resolution according to requirement. At the same time, E-stop and enable switch are also optional. The handwheel pendant is widely used to CNC machine tool, printing machine, CNC engraving and milling machine. The mounting way of jog MPG is very simple. The jog MPG is supplied with magnet on the back of the shell. It can easily hang to machine wall. For some models, the handwheel pendant holder will be supplied.

  • CNC MPG Handwheel Control Pendant

    CNC MPG Handwheel Control Pendant

    MPG handwheel is available with 25ppr and 100ppr. When MPG handwheel rotates, it outputs incremental digital signal, which will be feedback to control system. And the controller will control the motion of the tools. Emergency stop switch and enable switch are useful when there is a wrong command. The control pendant will stop the action immediately. The CNC control pendant is applied to CNC engraving machine, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, machine center, PLC, printing device, textile machine, rubber machine.

  • Optical MPG Handwheel Encoder Hand Held Encoders

    Optical MPG Handwheel Encoder Hand Held Encoders

    The optical MPG has many similar names, like handwheel encoder, hand held encoders. It is basically a type of rotary encoder. In electrical, the theory is similar to optical encoders. MPG also output A,B signals. The output format are TTL, Line driver, which are mostly required. The disc of handwheel encoder is made of steel. As for the resolution is low: 25ppr and 100ppr, the steel disc could meet the resolution requirement completely. When handwheel as a seperate part for CNC machine tools, it is called hand held encoder. That means you can hold the encoder in hand to operate the tool’s moving.

  • CNC Milling Machine Handwheel MPG

    CNC Milling Machine Handwheel MPG

    Hand wheel MPG is applicable to CNC milling machines by providing HOME position, step adjustment and interrupt signal. Precise 90°phase A and B signals to ensure accurate position control. Handwheel MPG shell is made of pressure enduring with impact resistance, anti-interference, wear resistance and oilproof function. The handwheel MPG can be applied to CNC milling machine tools and automation systems, and is compatible with various CNC systems. For example, Siemens, Mitsubishi, FANUC, FAGOR, NUM, HEIDENHAIN, LNC, new generation, KND, GSK, SKY, etc.

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